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Week 1: June 25th to 29th, 2014 - Week 2: July 2nd to July 6th, 2014 - Week 3: August 6th to 9th, 2014

*** Classes in Hunter Ring 1 and Jumper rings will start at 9 am ***

*** Classes in Hunter Ring 2 will start at 12 pm (noon) ***

*** Please take note that the poney jumper's for week 3 will be held on Thursday, just before the CET medal's ***

*** We have added 500$ of prize money in the baby green division***

Message From Equine Canada

As you may know the national finals of the CET will be held in Calgary, Alberta this year.  Due to the overwhelming response and encouragement from across Canada, we are pleased to announce that The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair will be hosting The Royal Invitational Medal, sponsored by long-time show supporter, Running Fox.


*** Live Stream for Saturday August 9th, 2014 ****

*** New *** Some course will be available online this week, if you go into section Show Informations -> how many are and click a ring there is a new colum if it has a small picture the course is available online (as example the Derby on Sunday July 6th in the Hunter Ring)

Photos by Michel Bellerive available on is web site http://www.michelbphoto.com/
or on FaceBook week 1 and FaceBook week 2

See them July 6th and August 9th at Jumping Blainville Horse Show
Site Admission and parking is free for all!

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Breeding Horse Show of Blainville

June 24, 2014



It’s our pleasure to add a Pony Jumper division at our three horse show. Price par class is 35$ and a prize money of 260$ per class will be given as per the following

1st 60$ 2nd 50$ 3rd 40$ 4th 40$ 5th 35$ 6th 35$

Specifications given by Christine Reupke of the Royal Winter Fair
Class will be run under the EC rules.  We will have six pony/rider combinations qualify from Quebec as it stands right now.  We can invite two additional riders if we don't get anyone from the west or the Maritimes.  Riders can show two ponies in this division at the Royal but ponies cannot cross enter into the pony hunter divisions.
The rules state they must show in four shows in pony jumper.  If no other show is having pony jumper they should also show at .9m in open classes to make the minimum four show requirement.
We will continue to go by the points and standings that the QEF tracks. This is good of them to track.


Please take note as horses registered for the Angelstone series will have their points counted.
Entry fee and prize money will be the following:

INSCRIPTION-épreuve  ENTRY FEE-class :  $75


PRIZES(PER CLASS):          1er 225 $ 2e 150 $ 3e 125 $ 4e  100 $ 5e   75 $   6e 75 $

#500              5  ANS : Obstacles 1,10m  à 1,20 m  temps alloué de 325 m/m
#500              5  YEAR OLD: Jumps to be 1.10m to1,20m - time allowed at  325 m/m.

INSCRIPTION-épreuve ENTRY FEE-class :  $75


PRIZES(PER CLASS):          1er 225 $ 2e 150 $ 3e 125 $ 4e  100 $ 5e   75 $   6e 75 $
#501           6  ANS :   Obstacles de 1,20 à 1,30 m avec un temps alloué de 325 m/m
# 501           6  YEAR OLD Jumps to be 1.20 to 1,30m  - time allowed of 325 m/m.


Here are the stalls charts for week 2 (July 2nd to 6th)
B Stable (Permanent)
C Stable (Permanent)
F Stable (Semi-Permanent)
G Stable (Tent)



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Horse Show ground:
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